Independent and expert support concerning the company’s pensions is important, particularly considering that pensions are a large part of the company’s fixed costs. In addition, over time, pension terms and conditions have become an increasingly important competitive tool when attracting and retaining employees.

Why engage our pension consultants?

Our experienced pension consultants provide support and perspective with respect to issues of great significance, both financially and from a strategic human resources perspective, and in a changing world. We can offer expertise to solve complex pension issues, both prior to taking strategic decisions as well as in more urgent situations.

Some examples of our pension consultancy services include the following

  • Defining and structuring your pension strategy, for example, for 
    • Executive officer pensions 
    • High earners 
    • Redundancy 
  • Evaluation of pension plans and pension agreements for personnel who will work abroad 
  • Corporate acquisitions, planning and evaluation of pension promises 
  • Supporting documentation for notes in the annual report on the subject of senior executive compensation 
  • Support for procurements 
  • Cost estimates

We want to provide you with effective support and important assistance in making the right decisions with respect to issues which often have great financial and personal significance.