Swedish Pension Liability

We can help conduct a valuation of the pension commitments for both ITP and companies’ own plans.

What can be administered using the book reserve method?

Both ITP 2 and ITP 1 can be administered using the book reserve method. For the employee, an ITP 2 book reserve method pension is identical to an insured ITP 2, in contrast to an ITP 1 book reserve method pension in which the company has tailored the plan specifically to fit their company and employees.

To a great extent, companies’ own plans for executive pensions and early retirement pensions may also be managed using the book reserve method.

Valuation of all types of defined-benefit plans

We can conduct a valuation of pension liability in respect of, for instance, executive officer plans and salary and bonus waivers on behalf of companies, pension foundations, retirement funds, social insurance funds and benevolent societies.

Analysis and pension liability forecasts

In addition to the valuation of the pension promise, we can also help in analysing changes to it and provide both long-term and short-term forecasts regarding the pension promise and future pension disbursements, which we also administer.