IAS 19-coordination

What is IAS 19-coordination?

Multinational companies often need to report under IAS 19 for their defined benefit plans in several countries.

Reporting across several countries can become complex for Group Head-Quarters who needs to interpret and summarize results from different reporting templates from different providers and with differing levels of detail in the reports.

Our coordinating actuaries have both the competence and the experience to efficiently and professionally manage IAS 19 processes for Swedish Group Head-Quarters.

In addition to planning and communication with relevant providers, our coordinating actuaries conduct a quality control before summarising and delivering the results in a consistent format in both local and group currencies.

What are the incentives to Group Head-Quarters of employing a coordinating actuary?

Bild process IAS 19 koordinering

The following is included in a typical delivery

  • Process planning for all countries.
  • Support in setting assumptions.
  • Communication with relevant parties, including actuaries in all countries.
  • Collate results for all countries.
  • Quality control of results.
  • Consistent results and reporting template delivered to Group HQ.
  • Conversion of results to Group reporting currency.
  • Results meeting.
  • Support in answering auditor queries.