Consultancy services

Pension issues, which are usually the responsibility of HR, are often complex and an area of specialisation that requires time and attention. In addition, the approach to issues requires knowledge, experience, objective decision documents, and customer competence. Optimal management reduces the risk of visible and invisible additional costs and other future, unknown consequences.

We know from experience that many employers have questions that need to be addressed where we can help, including:

  • Cost aspects and pitfalls in connection with new recruitment 
  • Support to staff and managers who recruit and set wage levels
  • Administration of enhanced pension plans for high-income earners (existing, prospective and new employees).
  • Quality assurance, controls, and requirements lists for suppliers. 
  • Decision documents, pension agreements, pension appendices to employment contracts, and policies
  • Information/texts for the annual report 
  • Salary and bonus exchange, early retirement pension, and executive pension
  • The impact of salary changes and bonus outcomes on pension costs 
  • Training and information activities for employees, managers, HR, and finance.

Our recipe for success is collaboration and independence. We offer specialist expertise to solve complex pension issues, both for strategic decisions and in more urgent situations, at fixed or hourly rates. We can also take on the task of strengthening the important link between HR, payroll, and finance/accounts, creating the conditions for action based on a holistic perspective.

PRI's pension consultants have a solid background and offer a range of different services based on knowledge and experience. We act only on behalf of the company and have no financial interest in the products selected by the employer or the employees. We also do not offer advice to employees. Our independence is defined by this combination.