Our services for income foundations

We offer accounting and administration services for income foundations, known in Swedish as avkastningsstiftelser. Here you will find information regarding what is included in our service.


  • ·       Day-to-day accounting and reporting
  • ·       Share calculation in connection with jointly invested assets (co-administration)
  • ·       Annual accounts, annual report and tax return, follow-up, and compliance
  • ·       Contacts with the foundation’s auditors


  • ·       Payment of invoices, regulatory fees, and taxes
  • ·       Payout of fees and granted funds
  • ·       Contacts with supervisory authorities, including handling registration questions

Application administration

  • ·       Digital application system
  • ·       Support to applicants via email and telephone
  • ·       Reviewing applications, where necessary, against the foundation's criteria
  • ·       Follow-up and completion reporting

Support for the board of director

  • ·       Board of directors’ portal, secretarial services, and preparation of board meetings
  • ·       Tools for digital signing of minutes, annual reports, etc.
  • ·       Legal and tax advice (through co-operating partners)

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