Other foundations

PRI offers administration for other foundations such as endowment/dividend foundations and public benefits foundations. The following is an overview of the services offered.


  • Keeping the accounts, periodic accounts, annual accounts, and annual reports
  • Proposals for income tax returns and, where applicable, preliminary tax returns and tax adjustment
  • Contact with auditors in connection with audits of the annual report and annual accounts

Administration and formalities

  • Administration of grants and scholarships
  • On-line portal for the board of directors
  • Handling payments such as invoices, supervisory fees, taxes, etc.
  • Handling any directors' fees.
  • Monitoring the directors' terms of office.
  • Handling newly elected directors and auditors, as well as necessary contacts with supervisory authorities in these matters, as well as monitoring


  • Customer service for applicants 
  • On-line application procedure and, where applicable:
    • reviewing the application based on  established criteria and ensuring that the application falls within the scope of the foundation's purpose 
    • complete digital documentation to the foundation's auditors and decision-makers 

Other (optional services following call-off and agreement)

  • Investigations and analyses
  • Participation in board meetings
  • Reports and calculations