Our services for large pension foundations

We offer administration of large pension foundations. This information shows what is included in this service.


  • Keeping the accounts, periodic accounts, annual accounts, and annual reports
  • Handling income tax returns and, where applicable, preliminary tax returns and tax adjustments
  • Calculation of tax on returns from pension funds
  • Contact with auditors in connection with audits of the annual report and annual accounts
  • Where applicable:
    • Reporting the foundation assets to PRI Pensiongaranti
    • Retrieving information regarding pension liabilities known to PRI Pensionsgaranti which are secured in the foundation
    • Management of the foundation's capital, allocated among the companies that secure their pensions of the foundation (known as compartments).

Administration and formalities

  • Setting up and/or liquidating the foundation
  • Handling payments such as invoices, supervisory fees, taxes, and reimbursements
  • Managing the payment of any board fees and the taking care of withholding tax and reporting to the Swedish Tax Agency
  • Monitoring the directors' terms of office.
  • Handling:
    • Management assessments
    • Newly elected directors and auditors
    • Necessary contact with supervisory authorities in these matters and monitoring

Other (optional services following call-off and agreement)

  • Cooperation with, and information and disclosures to, the foundation's risk management and internal audit functions and supervisory authorities.
  • Investigations and analyses
  • Participation in board meetings
  • Reports and calculations
  • Sounding board and consultation on, for example, rules of procedure, reimbursements, reserves, and any new companies to be covered
  • Providing training

PRI Stiftelsetjänst also offers supplemental services in the form of support to the board of directorsas follows

  • Acting as the foundation's secretary at board meetings and/or coordinator for both internal and external stakeholders
  • Ongoing monitoring of deadlines and the like for review of governance documents and providing reports and records as appropriate, for example:
    • Risk management function and internal audits
    • Contracts for "outsourced activities"
    • Guidelines and documents regarding contingency plan and remuneration policy
  • Compilation and publication of required information about the foundation's activities, including any revised shareholder engagement.
  • Coordinating the provision of information and disclosures to the foundation's risk management function, internal audit function, and supervisory authorities.

Pension foundation for large companies with book reserve method pensions