Companies’ own plans

Many companies and company groups enter into their own pension agreements with their employees or certain groups within the company. If the company wishes to finance these pensions using the book reserve method, PRI can offer credit insurance, pension administration and valuation of the pension commitment. By financing the pension using the book reserve method, the company can claim deductions for the pension costs in connection with the pension distribution, referred to commonly as direct pension.

In addition to the valuation of the pension liability, we can also help in analysing changes to it over time and provide short-term and long-term forecasts regarding pension commitments and future pension payments, which we also manage.

Useful regardless of the type of pension plan

Defined-contribution plan and defined-benefit plan.

Make it possible to offer pensions related to the growth of the company

The book reserve method may be an attractive solution for managers, for example, where a pension and any bonuses are related to the company’s profitability and earnings performance.