23 December 2022

Status ITP 2

According to legal requirements companies with book reserve method pension schemes must report PAYE tax returns per employee.

Reporting at individual level means that in the PAYE return, an employer reports the amount paid as compensation for work to a specific person during a reporting period. This also applies to book reserve method pension schemes. PRI, together with Alecta, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, PTK and others, have lobbied both the Ministry of Finance and the Swedish Tax Agency to obtain an exemption for securing book method pension reserve schemes in respect of ITP 2. However, on 6 May 2021, the Government announced that no exemption will be granted. 

PRI is currently working with Alecta to create processes and systems to manage PAYE tax returns per employee (PAYE) for ITP 2. This will be completed in January 2023.

  • The solution will be in place by January 2023 and the first return date will be in early February, for January's pension disbursements.
  • PRI has sent information to authorisation managers that they need to register tax return managers. Tax return managers will have access to all documentation in the online service related to PAYE reporting and will act as contact persons in relation to PRI regarding PAYE.
  • We will provide training for tax return managers regarding PRI processes and reporting for PAYE in the autumn.
  • PRI will deliver PAYE documentation on the first day of each month in relation to the previous month's disbursements. This will be delivered to the employers' PAYE tax return via the Swedish Tax Agency's Open API. You can learn more about this on the Swedish Tax Agency's website.
  • PRI will pay the tax amount monthly to the employer's tax account unless we are notified otherwise.
  • On PRI’s online service, reconciliation documentation at both the company and individual level will be available to tax return managers at companies.
  • Alecta will continue to calculate tax deductions and pay pensions to retired employees. 
  • If your company receives questions from employees or former employees, please refer them to Alecta.