Book reserve method pension schemes typically include credit insurance and pension administration. Over the years, we have complemented our offer to include some additional services. You can read about all our services below.
Credit Insurance

Under a book reserve method pension scheme, the company retains the pension principal in its operations. The credit insurance secures the employees' pensions while, at the same time, the company obtains long-term financing.

Pension administration

We have comprehensive pension administration, adapted to the needs of each company, for defined contribution pension schemes and defined-benefit pension schemes. We work primarily with collectively agreed pension schemes such as ITP and BTP, but also with companies which offer their own schemes and with book reserve method early retirement pensions.

Actuarial Services

We conduct valuations of the pension commitments made in ITP plans and book reserve method pension schemes. We do this pursuant to Swedish and international accounting rules, and always do so in a way that facilitates financial reporting.

Consultancy services

We help companies address complex pension issues, both strategic decisions and analyses and calculations in concrete everyday situations. Our pension consultants are objective and work with the full range of occupational pension issues.

Foundation administration

Our subsidiary PRI Stiftelsetjänst offers comprehensive support to pension foundations and profit-sharing foundations. Organisation and structure are our watchwords and, in practice, we serve as the foundation's finance department.

Information and Education

By providing information and skills development, we help our customers develop their knowledge of pensions in general and, specifically, book reserve method pension schemes. We offer general training sessions regarding, for example, ITP 2 book reserve method pension schemes and IAS 19, as well as tailor-made courses based on the needs of a specific company. We provide current information regarding occupational pensions and book reserve method pension schemes via seminars, newsletters, and our website.