This page is for those of you who receive a pension disbursed through us.

Payment notification

Payment notification is sent in January each year, and whenever the amount is changed.

Notification or change of account number for pension deposits

The pension can be deposited in a bank of choice. The pension can also be deposited in a foreign bank account.

If you have not registered an account number, your payment will be made via a payment advice. Notification regarding a new or changed account may be given by contacting us.

Preliminary tax deduction

PRI is obligated to withhold preliminary income tax deductions on pension payments.

In the event that more than one pension paying agent is involved, the primary employer, i.e. the one who normally pays the largest amount, shall take deductions according to the tax table or a decision by the Swedish Tax Agency. Incidental income is taxed at 30 per cent. Pension paying agents are equated with employers. More information regarding taxes can be found on the Swedish Tax Agency’s homepage.

If you wish to change your preliminary tax deduction, we kindly request that you send the form Change in Tax Deductions to us or, send us a copy of the Swedish Tax Agency’s decision.

Resident abroad

An annual verification of life is carried out for recipients living abroad. Because the national population register does not keep information on deaths, marriages, etc. regarding residents abroad, we need to obtain this information by some other means.

A proof of life attestation is sent annually to recipients living abroad. The recipient attests on the form that he/she is alive, marital status, country of residence, tax registration number, etc.

The attestation must be signed and stamped by one of the following institutions: national insurance office, Swedish embassy, Swedish consulate, foreign social security institution, a notary public, foreign police authority or foreign authority maintaining a population register.