26 April 2016


PRI Pensionsgaranti is a mutual insurance company and our clients are also our owners. Our business idea is to guarantee, administer, and develop pension solutions for companies that want to grow. 

Our occupational pension work is long-term. This is also the reason why our promise to our customers is "We create tomorrows". This means that we contribute to create the conditions for companies to grow and develop. At the same time, security is created for the company's employees and retired employees. Sustainable growth of companies and security for employees benefits the society as a whole – today and tomorrow.

Wide-ranging assumption of responsibility

Our sustainability work is long-term and has a clear focus on tomorrow. In addition to our business idea, sound business ethics and environmental concerns are important to us.

Our code of conduct

The code of conduct captures our view on sustainable development and summarises PRI Pensionsgaranti's fundamental values. It is addressed to employees, leased consultants, and the board of directors, and applies equally to all of them. I would like to specifically emphasise the following points from the code of conduct: 

  • In relations with customers, employees and other stakeholders, activities shall be based on security, long-term perspective and acceptance of responsibility.
  • Our customers are also our owners, and the company’s goals and activities shall be for their benefit.
  • We shall be aquainted in the legal requirements that apply for the company’s operations, and always adhere to these requirements.
  • We aspire for sustainable development, since it creates value for PRI Pensionsgaranti and for society as a whole. Sustainability issues shall be an integral part of all operations. 

Jonas Jonsson, CEO, PRI Pensionsgaranti

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