17 January 2023

Code of conduct

PRI Pensionsgaranti is a mutual non-life insurance company in the field of occupational pensions, owned by the insured client companies. Together with the subsidiary PRI Pensions- och stiftelsetjänst AB, our services include credit insurance, pension services, foundation services and actuarial services.

By securing pensions with the book reserve method, the company retains its pension capital and can invest in its own business or in a pension fund. It is both a cost-effective way to secure pensions and a way to strengthen companies and their competitiveness. It contributes to security for the companies’ employees and retired employees, as well as sustainable growth for the companies.

As a well-consolidated, mutual company, we are able to act long-term in our customers’ best interests. This creates credibility and the basis for a good business relationship. We have both broad and deep expertise, are solution-oriented and constantly strive to improve and simplify for our customers. We have an active and committed approach, both internally and in our dealings with customers. This creates both customer and business benefits.

Through our independence, long-term vision, quality, and unique expertise, we are able to ensure the entire chain required for sustainable services. In doing so, we create value for both people and organisations.

Wide-ranging assumption of responsibility

Our sustainability work is long-term and has a clear focus on tomorrow. Good business ethics and environmental considerations are important to us.

Our code of conduct

The code of conduct captures our view on sustainable development and summarises the PRI Group's fundamental values. It is addressed to employees, retained consultants, suppliers and the Board of Directors and applies equally to all of them. In particular, we would like to stress:

PRI Pensionsgaranti is owned by its customers and the company's goals and activities should benefit them.

In relation to customers, employees and other stakeholders, the business operations must be characterised by commitment, competence and helpfulness.

We must be well-informed of the legal requirements which apply to our business operations and always comply with these requirements.

We want to contribute to sustainable development since doing so creates value for PRI and society as a whole. The sustainability issues are integrated into the entire group – both in terms of asset management and our business operations in general.

Sound business ethics

  • Our work with customers, employees, and other stakeholders is based on sensitivity, respect, and commitment.
  • We follow applicable laws, rules, and standards. Our communication is open and correct within the parameters of appropriate business confidentiality.
  • All employees must avoid conflicts of interest between private financial issues and the company's business activities.
  • Gifts and other benefits may be part of expected hospitality, but must be consistent with legislation and characterised by sound ethics and judgment.
  • We neither accept nor receive bribes, nor participate in corruption, fraud, or other financial irregularities. We follow the Code to Prevent Corruption in Business.
  • Information which is likely to have an impact on prices and which is not in the public domain may not be communicated, either internally or externally.
  • Our starting point is that the companies in which we hold shares comply with legislation and international undertakings in respect of the environment, social responsibility, and ethics, and also combat corruption, for example pursuant to the Ten Principles of the UN’s Global Compact.
  • We regularly review our investment portfolio in respect of ethics and sustainable development. We take relevant measures if we discover deviations.

People, work environment, society, the environment, and suppliers


  • We support and respect internationally recognised human rights as expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • We treat all employees fairly, with dignity, and with respect.
  • We do not treat anyone differently on the basis of religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, social background, trade union membership, or ethnicity.
  • We support diversity and work actively towards equal opportunity.
  • We do not allow child labour, illegal labour, or forced labour.
  • We are subject to the collective agreement in the industry regarding wages and general terms of employment.

Work environment

  • We work preventively and systematically to ensure that the physical, psychosocial, and organisational work environment is safe and sound.
  • We work actively with health and safety at the workplace and have a goal of zero-tolerance in respect of accidents.
  • We offer employees the opportunity to develop their health as well as their qualifications and skills.
  • We facilitate combining gainful employment with parenthood and family life for all who we employ.


  • Through our business idea and operations, we contribute to the growth and competitive strength of our customer companies and, at the same time, create security for the company's employees – sustainable social development.
  • We are open for cooperation and projects with schools, universities, research institutions, and networks.
  • When cooperating with organisations, we prioritise those which share our values and which benefit society.
  • We adopt a neutral position on party politics and religious issues. The company name and company financial resources may not be used in these contexts.

The environment

  • We support the Paris Accord.
  • We work continuously to integrate sustainability, quality, and cost-effectiveness as a natural part of our business operations.
  • We endeavour to accommodate, in good time, environmental requirements and wishes from customers, employees, and other interested parties.
  • We take sustainability into account when selecting suppliers and when choosing products, services, and IT-solutions.
  • We use water, energy, material, and other natural resources efficiently with sound management and a focus on sustainable development.
  • We take environmental issues into consideration when we travel for work.


  • We endeavour to cooperate with suppliers who embrace our code of conduct. We expect that they, in turn, transmit the values along their supply chains.

PRI's code of conduct is based on international conventions and guidelines including, among others, the UN’s Global Compact and ISO 26000 – Guidance on Social Responsibility.

Stockholm, January 2023
Jonas Jonsson
CEO, PRI Pensionsgaranti